Updates For March 2015 On Dongles, Iptv & FTA Channels

My friend asked me to give you my followers two thought provoking articles before i proceed to writing my examination. In this article, i will give you basic tips on how to perform specific troubleshooting on cetain decoders and accounts, I shall aslo be acquainting you will the status of dongles and similar products. Let me go straight to the business.



  • Qsat as at the evening of Saturday April 4 2015 has been completely offline. However, as at the time of publishing this article, only two channels ss3ni and ss5ni are currently showing on qsat. Prior to the general qsat outage on Saturday, qsat was showing the following channels:

MCom, Mfam, Mact+, MShow, StUni, Edge, VAmp, Szone, UniCh, TeleM, BBC E, Fox, Sony, Max, LifeT,
CBS R, CBS A, CBS D, MZone, Amc, AmWld, MaiMa, El Tv, ZeeW, CI, DisID, Tlc,
BBC L, Ftv, AnimP, BBC K,Hist, TraSp, ED, Vox, Spice, SS3Ni, SS5Ni, SS6, SS7Ni, Slct2, NTA !,
SilvB, Ait, Mitv, Ltv, Trace, SCity, Afro, CNN, AjE,Cnbca, Bloom, Rhema, KingA, Ewtn, Islam,
Rtpi, Brzl, Ndtv, Hunan plus a few othrs that come on and goes intermittently.
I will urge you not to panick because for the past one year, qsat has always been going off and on.  as i am writing this article, qsat may come back fully.

  • If you newly bought your account, have it in mind that not all channels are currently working.
  • For you to detect if the inability to decrypt a channel of your qsat is a general problem or a peculiar issue, you need to observe the followings:

i. Make sure your software version is the latest available on which is downloadable from my link here

ii. Make sure as a Nigerian, you are not using an etisalat sim card. Also make sure their is mobile data bundle or airtim on other sim card. If you are not a Nigeria, please make sure you change your sim card. Finally please don’t use 4g network

iii. If you are using gprs mode and your qsat is not connecting to server, please change the sim or switch the internet protocol from your gprs to either 3g modem, lan internet or wifi.

iv. Once you have a good compatible network and you received the pop-up message “Network connection success” then you should proceed to query your account by pressing menu>>setting>xcam setup>>avatacam / AVAHD>> red button or green button on your remote.

v. your qsat must display your expiry date, this means you are doing nothing wrong and it means is either qsat server is totally down on all channels or it is partially down on some channels. However, if you receive to a”failed to connect to server” message, it means your internet is bad or you are having an outdated software on your qsat.

Note: currently, ONLY SS3Ni AND SS5Ni are working on qsat


Still the same old story for azsky. azsky is not yet back but all hope is not lost because there was an attempt of azsky coming back last week.


This will be the final official explanation that I will make on how you can get beinsports HD1 & 2 as well as 8 MBC HD channels please note the following points very very carefully..

  1. The frequency and the satellite name to use in getting bein sports feeds and or MBC hd channels can be found here
  2. If you have never tracked a satellite dish before and you are not familiar with the terms used in tracking satellite frequencies, am begging you, please engage the service of a professional satellite installer to help do the tracking using the information provided above.
  3. The position where you will track and received mbc hd channels free of charge is difference and a bit far frm the position where you will track and receive beinsports feeds this simply means you cannot use one dish ti track the beinsports and the mbc.
  4. Similarly, i only recommend a 90cm dish for the tracking of these satellite.
  5. You must also know that it is once and for all tracking for the MBC Hd channels which is located on badr 26.5E while after tracking, you need to to manully enter a biss key into your compatible decoder before beinsports can open
  6. You can only use an HD decoder to track either of the channels.
  7. Those channels are available for free indefinitely but not permanently so it can stay for years or go off at anytime.
  • Hints on how to input Biss keys into a decoder that already have tv3 (on multitv with biss keys)
  • for those having problems with opening bein sports due to conflictingbiss key for both bein sport andTV3. It is because they share the same transponder frequency (12520, 12522, 12525). All you need to do is to enter or edit thebiss key (patch) for lets saytv3by also including its SID (hex) key which is 000C.Alternatively, you can also enter thebiss key for each of the 7 bein sport feed byinputing thebiss key and the channel corresponding SID (hex) key. This means you have to add 7 newbiss key (patch). Although the patch must contain the same frequency (12520), samebiss key (3184752A068163EA) but different SID keysThe SID keys are as below:
    Feed_w: 0135
    Feed_m: 0132
    Feed_LE: 446A
    feed_H: 4225
    Feed_Bm: 019F
    bein1: 019A
    bein2: 019B