Will Luis Suarez Pick Up the PFA Award?…

The Professional Footballers’ Association has released its short list of nominees for the prestigious Player of the Year Award, and it’s anyone’s guess who will ultimately come away with the honor.
According to BBC, Manchester United’s Michael Carrick, Gareth Bale of Tottenham Hotspur, Robin van Persie of Manchester United, Luis Suarez of Liverpool, Eden Hazard of Chelsea and Juan Mata Chelsea are the finalists to determine the best player in all of English football.

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Who will win the PFA Player of the Year Award?

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Van Persie is the defending award winner and Bale won it the year before, so it will certainly be interesting to see if the PFA chooses a repeat winner or goes with some new blood.
Each and every player up for the award brings something different to the table and has earned consideration. An interesting case can be made for Carrick as the defensive midfielder has just one goal on the season, but he has stifled opponents defensively and helped lead the Red Devils to the top of the EPL.
The contributions of his teammate, van Persie are far more obvious. The reigning Player of the Year has 21 goals and eight assists, and he is Manchester United’s offensive stud.
Bale has had an impressive season largely as an attacking midfielder with 17 goals. Suarez has notched 22 goals for a Liverpool team that is trying to get into the all-important top five.
Chelsea teammates Hazard and Mata have made a great case for themselves as well. Hazard has been moved all across the midfield and produced to the tune of eight goals and nine assists, while Mata has picked up 10 goals and 11 assists.
There is no clear front-runner for the award, so the remainder of the EPL season will be integral in determining who comes away with the honor.