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How Woman Lost Her Pregnancy After Being Brutally Beaten by Her Lover boy

A woman in a serious hot affair with a loverboy has tasted his wrath after he gave her the beating of her life resulting in the loss of her pregnancy.
Five years after losing her husband, Ngozi Peter has met cruel fate after involving herself in a relationship with Mr. Chinedu Ndubui­si. But rather than get the bliss she de­sired, she got blisters, scars and wounds from an alleged physical assault from her lover.
According to Daily Sun, Ms Peter met Mr. Ndubuisi, an air-conditioner technician and they started a love affair. When things seem not to work out, she decided to move on with life by relocating to Lagos after living as a widow for half a decade. Mr. Ndubuisi then came into her life with the promise to marry her. He asked her to move in with him because he wanted to marry her. in a bid to give the relationship a chance, the widow moved in with the young man in his one-room apartment, at 8, Sanu Street, Ikeja, Lagos.
They lived together for two years while Ndubuisi promised to marry her when she gets pregnant for him. When she eventually got pregnant for Ndu­buisi, he allegedly started demanding for money, and the documents of some of the landed properties left for Ms Pe­ter by her late husband, giving that as a condition to start their wedding process. According to Ms Peter, she gave him over N100, 000 to start their wedding arrangement but insisted they must be legally married first before she could hand over her land documents to him. Her refusal to surrender the documents seemed to
have gotten him incensed, she added.
However, he bottled up his anger un­til the midnight on 6th April when he exploded with fury. “Because of my eight-week pregnancy, I suspended my clothes business at Igando,” the Amor­ka, Imo State born widow told Saturday Sun. “But he stopped bringing money to assist me or support my upkeep. Still, I was using my savings to prepare food in the house.
“On that fateful day, I prepared his favourite meal. When he came back around 7pm, he said he won’t eat the food and left the house. He returned around 11pm in the night. Again he left saying that I should leave the door unlocked. Since I was not sure of when he would return, I locked the door and waited for him. He came back around midnight, and I went to open the door. He got angry that I locked the door and started abusing me. He asked me why I should lock the door, saying I don’t have any value since I refused to bring money or my land documents. I told him the documents are not with me. He shouted at me calling me a liar and that I don’t want to bring money for our marriage. He said that I should be grate­ful that he wants to marry me. I told him it’s a taboo in my village for a woman to pay her own bride price. I said that he should make up the remaining sum if he’s serious about settling down with me.
“At that point, he descended on me. He slapped me, asking why I dared talk back at him. I asked him what I’ve done to him but he kept beating me. He then told me that he was out to give me the biggest disgrace of my life that night. He tore my wrapper, and pushed me outside the house. I didn’t fight him because I was trying to hide my nakedness with my hands. But he kept beating me and grabbed my throat attempting to strangle me. None of the male neighbours came out because they knew I was naked. It was only one neighbour that mustered the cour­age to intervene with his wife. The woman brought her clothes to cover my body. While Chinedu went about breaking every property I bought and kept in his house.
“Af­ter destroying my gas cooker, lap­top and other valuables, he came back again and started beating me. He dragged me on the floor trying to strip me naked again. I ran out of the compound into the streets. He chased me with an iron rod that he used to flog me on the head. At that point, some street boys stay­ing under the bridge at Awolowo road rushed at him. But he freed his hands and grabbed my hand trying to drag me back to the house. The street boys refused insisting that I should not go back to the house with him if I wanted to live. One of them gave me N200 to get a taxi and run to a nearby police station. I was taken to the Police Station, and it was there that I collapsed, and found myself at the Accident and Emergency (A & E) Unit of La­gos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).”
Saturday Sun leant that police­men rushed her to the hospital around 2am Thursday last week and allegedly abandoned her there. She was there in a state of coma at the A&E Unit until a certain Mr. Samson Ezeh, a member of the Deeper Life Church saw her ly­ing unattended to and decided to assist her. According to Mr Ezeh, he had witnessed three people die at the A&E and was spurred to do something to avoid Ms Ngozi from also giving up the ghost. “I feel that God used me to help save Ms Pe­ter,” Mr. Ezeh told Saturday Sun. “I came to LUTH at about 3am to get emergency medical attention for my cousin who started scream­ing at the middle of the night. But when we got there he suddenly became well again. Then I noticed how people where just dying at the A&E. I watched one die, few min­utes later I saw another person die and before long the third person died. I couldn’t bear the sight. Then I noticed Ms. Peter lying lifeless there at the A&E. I was moved to try and help out. I approached one of the medical officials asking how I could assist. And they gave me a list of items to buy so that they can commence treatment. I went out and bought all of them that early morning and didn’t leave until around 8am.”
Ms Ngozi was under admis­sion at the hospital for almost a week. When Saturday Sun visited her, she appeared traumatized but still calm even with the scars of wounds and bruises all over her face, body, hands, knees and el­bows. “These ones you see are very minor wounds when compared to the scars of wounds she carries at the back, butts, thighs and other private region”, said Mr Ezeh who has been footing her medical bills in the hospital.
The widow stated that she was stranded at LUTH because her phone was taken from her by Ndu­buisi preventing her to call her parents or any of her relations. “I feel bad because my family would be disappointed in me for getting involved in this kind of incident. They may think I was bewitched because they all believe that I’m living a comfortable life here in Lagos. I’m the only daughter of my parents. I have three brothers; one is based abroad while the other two live in Abuja. I was married to a Ghanaian sailor that loved me very much. We have a daughter togeth­er. But he died in a shipwreck. My daughter who is 14 year old studies abroad. I remained a widow for five years, and really wanted to move on with life and settle down again. That was why I got into a relation­ship with Ndubuisi. I still can’t believe how he treated me. Up till now, I still feel pains from the punching he gave me on the chest. I still bled as at yesterday because of the miscarriage of my eight weeks pregnancy,” she alleged.
Saturday Sun also learnt that Ngozi has been referred to Yaba Psychiatry Hospital for medical examination to rule out fears of probable brain damage due to head injuries. “When she came out of coma, she was acting and saying strange things. It is apparent that she is traumatized by the beatings she got, but we want her to go see a neurosurgeon, to make sure the hits she got on the head didn’t damage any part of her brain”, said a medi­cal official that pleaded anonymity.
According to Ngozi, her big­gest concern now is how to move her belongings out of Ndubisi’s place. She has petitioned the Area F Police Command, Ikeja to seek justice.

Linda Ikeji Reports Wizkid’s Insolent Behavior To Authority


The last has not been heard of the Linda Ikeji/Wizkid beef as the blogger was reported to have taken the case before the commissioner of police.
Confirming the report, Linda Ikeji took to her blog to exxplain to her fans why she had to bring the case before the police commissioner, and she wrote:

I’m sure many of you have read that the police is now involved in my issue with Wizkid. Yes, I reported his public threat to me two Sundays ago to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police and I want to explain why I did it! Please pay attention and keep an open mind.

I’ve read a lot online from people saying I don’t like Wizkid. Even Wizkid himself thinks I don’t like him. Why he or anyone would think so is puzzling to me to be honest. Apart from his achievements after he started insulting me online a few weeks ago…everything else, every success Wizkid has recorded in the last 3/4 years is on LIB. All the awards, all the record breaking feats, his sold out concerts, his foreign magazine features, and collaborations, everything that has built him up to the young man he is today is on LIB. Please verify! Search my blog. Please continue…

I was a huge Wizkid fan. The only song I danced harder to than his ‘Dance For Me’ track was Fuse ODG’s ‘Antenna and Kiss Daniel & DJ Shabzy’s Raba. So, no, I had no dislike for Wizkid. But about a year ago, I noticed his indirect snide remarks at me…and when some other music star beefed with me, Wizkid showed his support and made disrespectful comments. That was when I noticed he had issues with me… but that didn’t stop me from writing about him and celebrating him.

Now to the issue at hand. When I reported that he was served quit notice at his Lekki home, I stated fact and I didn’t write it out of malice. It’s not everyday you get exclusive stories…and I’m sure any other blogger who got the story first would also have published it. So, there was no beef, I was just doing my job. A day or so after I wrote this story, Wizkid went on my instagram page to call me names and lied that I slept with some director of his…which I have said before is 1000% lies! But the insult and lies is not why the police is now involved.


Here’s the thing; You can insult me, insult my family, call me any names you like, even lie that I slept with your forefathers…but don’t threaten me. If you threaten me, I will act!

I read people online saying that I reported to the police because I am scared of Wizkid. No, my darlings, I am not afraid of Wizkid. Though I do not take his threats lightly. I went to the authorities for two reasons…and please young boys of our generation, pay attention to what I am about to write below.

You see, violence against women and threat of violence against women is not okay. Threatening harm to someone in a public space is a criminal act in every country of the world, including Nigeria. I bet some of you didn’t know that, yeah? You can not publicly threaten someone with harm. You will only get away with it if your victim doesn’t report to the authorities. If they do, you will have a case with the police and I promise you, the police take these things seriously.

I reported this case to the authorities because I want our young men to know this is not okay. You should not raise your hands on a woman. You shouldn’t even threaten to raise your hands on a woman. Wizkid wrote that he would send his 16 year old cousin to beat the shit out of me. Letting Wizkid get away with it is basically telling our young men that this is okay…and it’s not!

After Wizkid made the threat to me, I saw a lot of teen boys hailing and applauding him. To them, this was okay. If their idol can threaten a woman with harm, and use derogatory words, they also can do it…and that’s how the circle of abuse of women continues. Women being called ‘smelly pussy’ trended online for a day or two! Little boys were happy to use the words. Sad!
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It is appalling to me that anyone, especially women, would cheer Wizkid on. When he wrote RIP Linda, I saw a few young girls write same, laughing. This is not a laughing matter. It doesn’t matter whether you like me or not! This is not about Linda Ikeji. This is about abuse of women which has eaten deep into our society, so deep that it has now been accepted as normal. Men do it all the time and get away with it. So many women are battered by their husbands and they refuse to speak up because of the stigma. They refuse to seek help because they are afraid of what people will say. I am sorry, I am not one of those women. I refuse to be victimized. And as long as I have my voice and my platform, I will speak up.

We women have to come together to lend a strong voice to the plight of women in our continent. When we see a woman being physically and mentally abused, let’s act. Let’s speak up. Let’s not laugh and say she deserves it. If we continue to keep quiet, the circle of abuse will continue. And one day, You, yes You, will find yourself in the receiving end of a thundering slap, followed by heavy blows. If not you, then maybe your daughter? Let’s condemn violence and threat of violence against women! This is not acceptable!

Young men like Wizkid, a father of two young boys himself, should never advocate violence against women. One day, he will have a daughter, how would he feel if another male threatens to put hands on her or even calls her a hoe?

I can’t count how many times Wizkid called me a hoe in his rant against me. That’s what boys do. When they get into a fight with a woman, they try to slut-shame her. Smelly pussy, hoe, ashawo etc. You call a woman, who gave another young woman, whose real name she doesn’t even know N500,000 just because she said she would rather work by carrying cement than prostitute herself, that’s the person you call a hoe? When your mind is so warped you can’t differentiate between a woman and a whore, then this is what happens. Except you drive to Sanusi Fanfuwa at 2am to pick up a prostitute, who proudly describes herself as one, then you shouldn’t call any woman a hoe.

Even Tupac who was a well known thug could differentiate between the types of women he dealt with. When asked in an interview why he called women bitches, he said people shouldn’t confuse things, that he wouldn’t address a mother or a sister the way he would address a bitch, that the bitches were the ones he dealt with in the clubs who behaved like one. He reiterated that he respected women!

In more civilized countries, Wizkid would have lost his endorsements and spent the next year or so apologizing and being in the fore-front of promoting anti-violence crusades against women. It took Chris Brown years to get back on his feet after his assault on a woman. Up till today, he doesn’t have any major endorsements and some countries still deny him entrance into their country i.e Australia for something he did 7 years ago. Yes, violence against women is serious!

And there’s the case of incitement. When you have power and influence, you have to be careful what you say in public. Because you have such power, something you say can influence your followers. A fan can commit acts that even you may not support or might not even condone. But because it came out of your mouth, they think you mean it. So it is irresponsible to say things that might be inciteful. In Law, you can be held responsible when people act based on what you said in public. Tupac was charged to court and indicted after some thugs killed a police officer. The thugs went to court and mentioned that their idol encouraged violence against LA police officers in a song where he said ‘Drop a cop’. So, we folks with some measure of influence should be more careful with our utterances. People are watching and listening!

The second reason I filed a police report is to encourage other women in similar situations to do same. My dear ladies, if a man threatens to puts hands on you, and you feel the threat is real, report to the authorities. Don’t wait until he does it. What if you don’t survive it? If he’s picked up and may be charged to court (yes, you can be charged to court for making threats…it’s a misdemeanor with a prison sentence), then he will think twice before making threats against you in the future or any other woman for that matter.

I went as far as I did for me and for other women. This is to pass a strong message to our young men that these kinds of behaviour towards women will not be tolerated. Should not be tolerated. If you assault or even threaten to assault a woman, the law will come after you if she chooses not to be silent. Women, don’t be silent. Let’s break the circle. For your sake, for my sake, for the sake of our daughters, grand daughters, great grand daughters and all other women that will follow them.

And that’s really all I have to say in the matter. Thank you guys for reading

And to Wizkid fans, please be rest assured that I wish him all the best in life. He will continue to grow from strength to strength (as long as he doesn’t endorse violence against women) and his light will never diminish. God brought him to this level and will continue to keep him. I have nothing but love for his craft and hope that one day, we will put this behind us.

God bless him, me, you and everyone else in the world


Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria is Recruiting Now

bank – We attract talented individuals. Not only can they give you the benefit of their experience, they also reveal a closer, more personal look at the wide range of global opportunities we offer. At the core of the Group’s people strategy is our focus on employee engagement. Engagement is a key driver of productivity and performance, which creates the foundation of our performance culture. We encourage and focus on the behaviour that bring out the very best from every employee, assessing their performance not just on results but on how those results were achieved. To further embed these behaviour we have a remuneration programme in place, carefully designed to incentivise our employees to live our values every day.


Job Description:


  • Provide thought leadership, strategy and transformational insights to the strategic digital marketing function.
  • Develop, manage and drive the digital marketing agenda in the country.
  • Effectively manage digital marketing budgets to yield the most optimum ROI.
  • Manage and coordinate all the internal communications activities for the country, to ensure clarity and transparency
  • Responsible for consistency of country internal communications with regional / Group themes
  • Build profile of business and management team internally within the country, with a focus on ensuring employees at all levels have a clear understanding of strategy, business capabilities and achievements, thought leadership, management expertise, and community initiatives
  • Manage and co-ordinate all internet content, intranet sites and structure/design/issuing of internal e-newsletters
  • Manage and co-ordinate all social media communications
  • Responsible for online communications, social media channels management, campaigns and content strategy




  • Drive digital marketing initiatives that will drive online acquisition, digital channel utilization as well as brand awareness
  • Drive and manage Paid, Owned and Earned media across Online/Mobile
  • Drive the deployment of Always On Paid Media strategy
  • Ownership of the Group Internal Communications policy in country.
  • Lead and coordinate the internal communications strategies consistent with business strategy and directly supporting business operations and the achievement of business goals.
  • Work with CEO closely to address the CEO message & communication effectively across the Bank.
  • Work closely with the Group Brand and Marketing team to guide the strategic direction and leadership of internal and external corporate brand plans to ensure that the role of the corporate brand and values are fully understood.
  • Develop and manage end to end Digital Marketing campaigns working closely with the Retail Products, Digital banking and Agencies;
  • Understand and drive the deployment of Performance (CPA/CPL) model in Paid Media for Online Acquisition
  • Understand the levers and drive the and drive the performance of Owned Media properties and optimize to drive business KPIs
  • Understand and supervise SEO implementation and improvements to the site content, usability, design
  • Drive implementation and tracking of Social Media campaigns and drive fan base across platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Ensure adherence to the desk operating instructions for the role
  • Follow best practices to allow for solutions that are in line with the Digital marketing and Internal communications strategies globally and partner with COEs to ensure end-to-end alignment is in place
  • Identify areas for process improvement and recommend areas to improve functional effectiveness and improve operational efficiency
  • People and Talent:
  • Develop talent pool and transfer knowledge for future growth and continuity
  • Demonstrate shift towards anticipation of risk
  • Active involvement in Risk Management, both reputation and operational to ensure they are proactively identified and mitigated and all issues are reported/escalated in a timely  manner in line with Group and local policies and procedures
  • Work with the sub-regional Head of Corporate Affairs and Brand & Marketing to manage key projects and strategy changes that need to be communicated across the Bank.
  • Manage digital marketing budget and internal communications budgets within limits, with a culture for cost management.
  • Accountable for digital marketing and internal communications governance to ensure consistency in implementation for both functions within the guidelines
  • Engage the full suite of internal communications tools when delivering key initiatives, from social media to the intranet to videos and mobile phones
  • Maintain a tight control on social media channels of all issues that have the potential to cause reputational damage to the Bank in-country. Manage crises and proactively deal with threats to the Bank’s reputation
  • Ensure compliance with the Bank’s social media and communications policies
  • Ensure adherence to the Risk Management Framework, Group Code of Conduct and various Policies, Procedures and Guidelines of the Bank’s Corporate Affairs and Brand & Marketing teams
  • Display exemplary conduct and live by the Group’s Values and Code of Conduct.
  • Take personal responsibility for embedding the highest standards of ethics, including regulatory and business conduct, across Standard Chartered Bank. This includes understanding and ensuring compliance with, in letter and spirit, all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and the Group Code of Conduct.
  • Achieve the outcomes set out in the Bank’s Conduct Principles: The Right Environment.
  • Effectively and collaboratively identify, escalate, mitigate and resolve risk, conduct and compliance matters.
  • Internalize the Group’s values and code of conduct in and adhere with the highest standards of ethics, and compliance with relevant policies, processes and regulations.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Ability to work with senior management and be a trusted partner to the business
  • Influencing across of a culturally diverse team across functions and geographies without direct reporting line
  • Responsibility and perseverance
  • High standards of professional integrity and ability to meet deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations and to work in high pressure environments
  • Ability to stay on top of trends
  • Appetite for learning new ways of doing things and adopting new technologies
  • At least 8 years experience in a communications related discipline
  • Relevant Tertiary qualifications, preferably with Masters degree and digital certifications
  • On and off line communications experience, including an interest and knowledge of new social media tools and techniques;
  • Previous experience with a digital and/or communications role (client or agency)
  • Deep Experience in managing SEM, SEM/PPC, Display & Affiliate marketing is a must;
  • Extensive experience in E2E marketing campaign management from research to implementation phase and ROI measurement;
  • Experience in using Digital Analytics and Media tracking tools (Omniture and Google Analytics) with strong understanding of technical aspects of Digital media performance and measurement
  • Senior stakeholder influencing and engagement skills
  • Excellent communications, analytical, project-management, time-management and interpersonal skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to mobilize teams
  • Experience building digital brands, ensuring strong linkage to the external brand position
  • Experience building collaborative relationships with other marketing and communication professionals along with the ability to participate in  cross-functional projects
  • Open and honest team player
  • Creative thinker
  • Persuasive negotiator with excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent organisational skills, ability to prioritise and manage multitude of issues simultaneously
  • Significant experience of managing professionals over a geographically and culturally diverse region
  • Good at Excel, PowerPoint and other MS office programs.

Live and Work in Lagos

Job Positions

Image result for 3d service man

  • Outdoor Caterers
  • Event Hall Managers
  • Home delivery hospitality outfit.

Location Lagos

  • A good first degree in Food Science or Food Technology, or related disciplines
  • At least 2 years experience
  • Proficiency in computer package utilization
  • Must be a person that can work under pressure and flexible arrangements.

Job Position: Technician (R & A, Electrician, Plumber)
Location: Lagos

  • Education: O Level (i.e. S.S.C.E / G.C.E); O.N.D; Trade Test Certification
  • Age: Maximum 40 years
  • At least 3 years relevant experience
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Must be practically skilled and knowledgeable in the specific position

Job Position: Truck and Tanker Driver / Dispatch Rider
Location Lagos

  • Education: Maximum O Level (i.e S.S.C.E / G.C.E)
  • Age: Maximum 40 years
  • Valid driver’s license or Riders card as applicable
  • Good knowledge of Lagos road network and Highway codes
  • Good communication skills (especially for dispatch positions)
  • High maturity display and readiness to work under pressure
  • 3 – 5 years driving (or riding as applicable) experience

Job Position: Customer Care Personnel
Location: Lagos

  • Education: Minimum O’Level (i.e S.S.C.E / G.C.E), Maximum O.N.D / N.C.E
  • Age: between 18 28 years.
  • Preferably Females (Consideration may be given to Male)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • High maturity display and readiness to work under pressure
  • Experience in a fast food environment is an added advantage

Job Position: Caterer, Baker and Griller
Location Lagos

  • Education: O Level (i.e. S.S.C.E / G.C.E); O.N.D; Catering Certification
  • Age: Maximum 40years
  • At least 3 years relevant experience
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Must be practical skilled and knowledgeable in the specific position.

Method of Application
Applicants should send their Curriculum Vitae to careers@tfc.com.ng The subject of the mail should be the position being applied for; and the body of the mail should specifically contain the following details as spelt out below:
Gender: Male or female
Phone number:
Highest Qualification and course of study: e.g. BSc in Food Science and Technology
Served? Yes or no (where applicable)
Years of exp: e.g. 1, 2…..


School, Live and Work in Nigeria

Job Position: Student jobs Image result for 3d service man
Location: Bauchi, Benue, Niger, Kogi, Sokoto State

  • Students and fresh graduates also seek to gain experience and build their portfolio while making extra change.
  • We are recruiting collegiate reps for Bauchi, Gboko(Benue), Bida(Niger), Idah (Kogi) and Sokoto.

Mode Of Application
If you are a student in any of these locations, and wish to be a part of our rep network, send a mail containing your full name, age, department, level, school, phone no(s), Home and email address to repmanager@etx-ng.com


Live and Work in Lagos Nigeria

Job Positions:Image result for 3d service man

  • Service Center and Sales Representatives
  • E-Business Manager

Location: Lagos Island.

  • Recruitment of SSCE/OND/NCE/ND holders(100) for Service Centre and Sales Rep roles
  • Smart and well exposed
  • Good communication skills, self driven, a geek (STRONGLY DESIRED) – that is, one that loves gadgets(phones and electronics alike).

Mode Of Application
Qualified candidates should please send CVs to hr@yesmobile.ng, using qualification as subject of mail. Eg: “OND”. Deadline : 20th April 2016.