Entrepreneurs With Strong Ideas To Pitch To investors During a 15-Minute Ride Around Lagos


Uber Lagos is looking for entrepreneurs with strong ideas to pitch to investors during a 15-minute ride in three cities in Lagos — Victoria Island, Lekki and Yaba — tomorrow, July 28, in partnership with Seedstars.

The cab-hailing company says the ride, between 11am and 3 pm, which would offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to get in front of some of C such as Tomi Davies and Funke Opeke would not cost you a dime.

So if you’ve got a product demo or pitch, why not download the Uber app for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, if you’ve not already done so, request the UberPITCH option via the app and if connected, you’ll have 7 minutes to pitch and 7 minutes for feedback from the investors.

Perhaps you could be selected to join the other startups invited to pitch in front of local and international jury at the Seedstars World competition in Lagos on July 31.


Gionee Technology Achievements Since 2002


e-Con 101

Did it start today?


  • From 1776 To 1913
  • America was a busilyexpanding
  • Industrial scene
  • As less ships were landing
  • Than went asea
  • The average American was busy
  • As a bee
  • So you could work hard
  • Then relax
  • Sunday was best, praise the Lord
  • No Income Tax
  • Form 1776 to 1913
  • You made what you owned
  • By your own means
  • Fewmega corporations
  • America was a small business nation
  • Every Familywas a small merchant or farmer
  • Fast forward to Clinton-Bush-Obama
  • Our e-Con, no longer a period
  • But a vacant comma
  • The formula
  • You got paid here
  • You bought
  • What was made here
  • So the wealth, money, jobs
  • Staid here
  • High tariffs
  • No income tax
  • You could vacation and relax
  • American shoes were the two step
  • Be-bop and Charleston dance
  • The rich tangoed and ballet’d
  • With shoes from Italy and France
  • You bought what was made here
  • Not what was brought here
  • Wealth was…

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OnePlus Two Release Date, Features Latest News: 4GB of RAM and Fingerprint Sensor

File:Oneplus One 64GB UK.jpg

The OnePlus Two smartphone will be coming out this July 27, 2015 and it will be launched in Virtual Reality, as announced by OnePlus on their own blog.

“For the OnePlus 2 launch, we didn’t want that barrier between us and you; we want to invite you into our world, because you’re a major part of it,” the company said.

The company also adds, “A VR launch lets you stand right next to our team and our fans as we unveil our new flagship. You’ll be able to look around as you check out the phone in a new way and maybe even find a few hidden Easter eggs.”

OnePlus Two is the second flagship smartphone that the company is launching, following the success of its OnePlus One smartphone.

It is not yet clear what kind of specifications the smartphone will have, but the company has been revealing information bit by bit.

It was revealed in their blog that the OnePlus Two will have a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 v2.1 processor. It will also be the “first flagship to use Type C USB,” as stated in the company’s Twitter account.

The company also revealed via Twitter that the OnePlus Two will have a fingerprint sensor.

An article in Business Insider also mentions that a sketch of the new smartphone indicates that it will have an 8MP front-facing camera and a metal will be incorporated into its design.

The sketch also shows that the smartphone will have a dual-lens camera at the back.

An article from Tech Radar also mentions that the smartphone will have 4GB of RAM.

As for the price, a post from the company’s official blog mentions that the price of the phone will be higher than $322.

The reason, they state, is that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset is more expensive than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. “We’re paying more for the 810 than we ever have for the 801. In fact, the cost is almost 60% higher, and we’re not getting any discount,” the post stated.

A recent photo that was posted on the company’s official Facebook page shows the specifications that was already revealed by the company.

The photo also shows another circle, with the date July 7, that probably indicates the company will be revealing another specification on that date.

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Android Lollipop On Verizon Smartphones

Android Lollipop is the new Android OS, and it is a good one. If you want to get a new Android phone, you will probably be happier choosing a one with Lollipop already installed.

This is not to say that phones with the older Android OS, KitKat, won’t or can’t be upgraded to Lollipop. Nor do I suggest they will be. It is a bit of a mystery. At some point, I assume, some older models will not be upgraded. One might assume that if you get a new model phone that still runs KitKat that you’ll be upgraded eventually, but that is not 100% certain.

We are looking into a new phone, we use Verizon, and I just spent several minutes looking through all the Verizon phones to see which ones have Lollipop already on them. The number of Verizon phones with Lollipop has gone up quickly over the last few weeks, and I assume that will continue. But as of now, early June 2015, this is the list:

Google Nexus 6™
HTC One® M9
LG G4™
Motorola Moto X™ (2nd Gen.)
Motorola Moto X™ (2nd Gen.) – Designed by You
Samsung Galaxy Note® Edge??????? Maybe not
Samsung Galaxy S®6
Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge

This is based on what Verizon specifies on their web site in the US. I don’t know if this will apply to what you find in stores (many Verizon stores have only a subset of the total number of available phones, though I assume you can order these phones either at a store or on line). Again, the situation is changing rapidly, but this is what I found today, and having gone through the trouble, I thought I’d save you the time!

Culled from scienceblog.com

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