School, Live and Work in Nigeria

Job Position: Student jobs Image result for 3d service man
Location: Bauchi, Benue, Niger, Kogi, Sokoto State

  • Students and fresh graduates also seek to gain experience and build their portfolio while making extra change.
  • We are recruiting collegiate reps for Bauchi, Gboko(Benue), Bida(Niger), Idah (Kogi) and Sokoto.

Mode Of Application
If you are a student in any of these locations, and wish to be a part of our rep network, send a mail containing your full name, age, department, level, school, phone no(s), Home and email address to repmanager@etx-ng.com


Live and Work in Lagos Nigeria

Job Positions:Image result for 3d service man

  • Service Center and Sales Representatives
  • E-Business Manager

Location: Lagos Island.

  • Recruitment of SSCE/OND/NCE/ND holders(100) for Service Centre and Sales Rep roles
  • Smart and well exposed
  • Good communication skills, self driven, a geek (STRONGLY DESIRED) – that is, one that loves gadgets(phones and electronics alike).

Mode Of Application
Qualified candidates should please send CVs to hr@yesmobile.ng, using qualification as subject of mail. Eg: “OND”. Deadline : 20th April 2016.


Trump Message To Buhari – You Say Biafra Is A Joke, Compare Your Change With Corruption

Donald trump who blasted Nigeria previously by asking the question ‘WHERE IS THE CHANGE” got a negative response . well trust the US presidential candidate for being blunt , came personally for Buhari. – No sensible president continuously travels round the globe while his country is in terrible hardship and economic mess.

It can only happen in Nigeria where all that matters to the President is the full introduction of Islam, annihilation of his political opponents and absolute extermination of the people of the old Eastern Nigeria. Buhari, prior to his questionable victory at the polls as the President of Nigeria made lots of promises which he has obviously failed to keep and in most cases denied.

As a matter of fact, change could either be ‘positive’ OR ‘negative’. To the earlier misconception of Nigerians and current state of the economy as a result of initiation of impracticable economic policies, it wouldn’t be wrong to assert that what president Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressives Congress promised Nigerians was a NEGATIVE CHANGE.


India’s Youngest CEO

Sharvan and Sanjay Kumaran, Aged only 14 & 12 yrs,2 brothers from Chennai launched their own mobile application firm! Sharvan, Co-founder & President of “GO DIMENSIONS” while his brother is Co-founder & CEO. When most adults have trouble in understanding Java code, these two kids have used the code to build mobile apps. The brothers have developed 11 apps for the Apple Store Which have been down loaded more than 35,000 times from 20 countries !! Their role model is Steve Jobs. Let’s Salute these LITTLE STARS for their incredible achievement


Make Photography A Hobby And Your Business

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This Photoshop Artistry course (fit for beginners and experts alike) is going to change how you see your photography and how you approach your work as a serious artist.  The techniques you learn will enable you to create compositions that will amaze your clients and your colleagues, and they will open up to you a whole new world of rich imagination and invention.

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4Over 70 Training Videos in Four Core Modules to:

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  • Learn to employ vector graphics, custom brushes, and artistic edge effects to give your works a supremely artistic and professional feel.

AbsorbLifeOver 7 Gigabytes of Pro-Designed Bonus Content:

  • Huge Library of Textures, Overlays, and Backgrounds (including exclusive high-res content from all the top professional designers, complete with commercial licensing so you can add it to works you sell).
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  • Take part in the exciting “Weekly Challenges,” which will spark your creativity and push you to employ all of the fantastic techniques you are learning in the course.
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  •  Also: this course works with all modern versions of Photoshop and even with Adobe Elements! Any version of Photoshop CS can be used with this course, and all a few techniques apply just as easily to Elements as well.  PDF Cheat Sheets are supplied throughout, often for both programs.  And when Elements has a different approach, there is often a separate video covering just that.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow students and artists in the exclusive online course forum, where you can ask questions, jump in on collaborations, pick up tips and inspiration, and even have your work critiqued.

1Take This Opportunity To Expand Your Artistry

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More info and reviews …

What Students Are Saying

“This is my first attempt at photo art using the principles taught by my friend Sebastian Michaels in his new Photoshop Artistry Course.  I’ve barely begun the course, so I still have a long way to go. But this is already a ton of fun! — Phil Steele

Best content of any course that I’ve taken … In fact, it’s clearly the best set of tutorials I’ve seen on the internet. It’s packed with value and the instructor is fabulous. Great value and great teacher too! I’m addicted!!” — B. Rosenfeld

I am simply in awe of this course!  You are putting so much in for us to learn … And while much you give us early on is elementary, the other content is very advanced (which simply means people with very little PS experience can learn right alongside the rest of us).  I can’t imaging how much a person would have to pay to get this much Photoshop training elsewhere.  But I would guess it would be $500 – $1000 easily!  I can’t begin to express my gratitude.  What I paid for this course is a pittance compared to what I’m learning.  And you have only just begun…unbelievable!  I am so fortunate to have heard about this course.” — J. Ruse

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Beware of Your Facebook Posts Now Or…

Image result for facebook image

Perhaps it’s time to be a little more careful with how you use social media. Social media is already influencing job search in some countries but in the coming year, your social media posts may influence your US visa application.

According to the the Wall Street Journal, the US Department of Homeland Security is already set to put into place protocols to examine how visa applicants use the social media. This means your posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks may get your visa application approved or denied. Under this new policy, checking an applicant’s posts on Facebook and Twitter may become standard for visa application.

This is obviously driven by the recent San Bernardino shooting where one of the attackers had already made use of social media to express her support for extremism. Most of these social media posts were made before she even applied for the US visa and a simple background check on social media activities probably would’ve prevented her entry to the US in the first place.

A statement sent to Business Insider by the Department of State Security said:

In fact, over the last year, under Secretary Johnson’s leadership, the Department initiated three pilot programs to specifically incorporate appropriate social media review into its vetting of applicants for certain immigration benefits.

The Department is actively considering additional ways to incorporate the use of social media review in its various vetting programs.

There isn’t much much information on this right now and the DHS is keeping a lid on how the plan is going to be carried out but given the present situation, getting into the US is going to be a lot harder. What you consider a normal Facebook post might raise a red flag.

As an individual, perhaps it’s time to be more careful on social media. Your posts on Facebook and Twitter may later affect you. Even the kind of videos you put up on Youtube should be decent.

Source:- Geek.ng

– See more at: https://naijafunbox.wordpress.com


Smart Phone Removable vs Non Removable Batteries

Battery  Palaver part 1

A unibody design, non-removable back cover and battery

Read below for the different advantages and disadvantages of having a non-removable battery for your smartphone.

Advantages of having a non-removable battery

When talking about a non-removable battery, we talk here about the non-removable back cover too, because there are rare instances where a user could open the back cover and not take the battery out (recent Motorola devices).

  • No worries of any dust or humidity to enter the phone
  • Unibody makes the design always better (example Sony Xperia devices)
  • Usually a case seen that the phone with a unibody tends to be slimmer

Disadvantages of having a non-removable battery

There’s a lot more important disadvantages than advantages of having a non-removable battery or the back cover. The major reason for that – it is the consumers who care more about this than the manufacturers. And it is the customers who are more important, right? Let’s get into the disadvantages.

  • What if my phone turns off and doesn’t start even on pressing the power button or the several buttons in combination? I cannot remove the battery out and place it back to attempt starting it again. This is one of the most common and a valid reasons for those who don’t have much knowledge about the devices and recovery from the situations they didn’t want to see the phone in.
  • No option to use an extra battery – Many people prefer carrying a spare battery rather than an external charger, power pack or a battery case, because it is the lightest and easiest options. If the battery is non-removable in a smartphone, that option of using a spare battery to replace an empty battery is gone.
  • What if my phone battery performance has degraded? that’s where again I might have to go to the service center and get things done, if I wanted to replace the battery with a new one. Every simple thing which I could do easily within a minute in the past, now isn’t possible without hours being spent.

The possible reasons why manufacturer keeps the battery non-removable

One cannot easily break the code when manufacturers say the unibody design in the particular phone is for many reasons, but we can still guess from our perspective. The first possible reason is – they indeed want us not to remove the battery whenever we wish. That is because, we users look for shortcuts. We would just use a duplicate battery to replace a low performing original one to cut the costs, and that in the end, would damage the phone itself. Other possible reason – we might corrupt the internal hardware of the phone trying to start the device by pulling out the battery and placing it back. We know it is one of the very common options used when the phone doesn’t respond, but never did the manufacturer suggest you to do that.

Things to accept – when you have a phone with Non-removable battery

First off, you need to understand that there is nothing done without a reason. Motorola launched its recent Moto E phone with a non-removable battery although one could pop the battery door out. Why? so that you could insert the SIM cards and MicroSD card. But at the same time, you cannot touch the battery. Every phone which has a non-removable battery can be started with a certain button combination which would be given in the user manual.

If you are someone who used to earlier carry a spare battery, you have to now carry a power pack so that you get not just the same amount of battery capacity, but even more than that. These are safer and better options, and you never have to play around with the internal parts of the phone. Just connect the phone to the charger with the cable, and the same battery gets the juice, charged up!

If you are buying a phone for its features and didn’t want to carry an external power pack, it’s wise to choose a phone case which comes with a battery backup, and which sits on the rear side of the phone. Of course it would make the phone bulky, but do you have any other option?

Which phone should I choose? one with a removable or non-removable battery?

If you see phones with similar features, but with different designs where one has the removable battery, it is still better to go with that option, especially because when you are traveling, you can take things in control rather than having to wait to get back and go to the service center if the phone decides not to respond or start at all.

Many who can’t stand with the degraded batteries will need an option to change the battery whenever they wish, and thus is the need for the removable batteries.

Which one do you prefer? A non-removable battery in the smartphone or a removable one?