3 Things You Must Know About Active Sex

You must have read those bland, “write them a cute note” lists that claim to help improve your sex life, but all that does is increase your partner’s snoring. Here is a list of five weird things that will get your partner’s hormones to soar and their underpants to fly. Get some stare age on According to Your Tango, merely looking at a photo of your lover for 30 seconds or more could trigger your brain to produce dopamine and get you itching in your seat.

partnersIt obviously helps if your lover has shiny hair, luscious lips and a smile as sexy as you are frisky. Sweat a little According to a study in The Journal of Neuroscience, women get turned on by the smell of their man’s sweat. It apparently increases her cortisol levels (some stress hormone) and gets her hot under the collar. Don’t overdo it and stink it up, though. Read a little (yes read) Don’t just go looking at some dodgy, cliche porn. Medical sexologist Susan Kellogg suggests bibliotherapy, which promotes sexual behavior through reading. Fantasizing about your lover after reading some steamy materials increases sex chemicals like dopamine and testosterone in women. And besides, women who read are damn sexy to guys too.

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