Four Major Hardware Problems Commonly Associated With Qsat Decoder & Solutions

Today I shall be writing on all the major hardware problems you may encounter in the course of using your qsat decoder. It is worthy of note that most Chinese manufacturers always produces to maximize their profit and minimize their costs. For example, the first batch of the very first qsat series produced for Africa market  (We are talking about Q11g) happens to be the best overall as it is the most flexible, most durable and most compatible of the series. E.g, it supports all internet protocols, support standard rs232 cable, built with metal body e.t.c. Qsat moved to q13g for one major reason, to reduce their production cost and maximize their profit. Qsat q13g maintained the same software quality of q11g, but it lost some physical presence; for example it is built of plastic and it is smaller than its predecessor. The significant drop in hardware quality on qsat actually started with the release of q11g+ and q13g+. These series are so fragile that merely upgrading software on q11g+ or q13g+ can cause the decoder to die. As if that is not enough, qsat releases qsat q23g decoder with a lot of misrepresentations e.g the specification of q23g states that it supports speedcam account, this was a lie as no speedcam menu on it. To cut it short,  i will be analyzing all the likely defects of qsat decoders as it relates to hardware components.

Qsat products are effective and cheap so if we pay the price of few defective products among many good ones, we should all accept it in good faith and pray the up their game and produce stronger and more feature loaded decoders.

Computer hardware refers to the physical parts or components of a computer such as the monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, hard drive disk (HDD), system unit (graphic cards, sound cards, memory, motherboard and chips), etc. all of which are physical objects that can be touched. Let me narrow this down to decoder, it means your remote controller, your gprs antenna, gprs board, display board, usb cables and all physical objects present on your qsat decoder.

PROBLEM 1: Qsat fails to boot up, LED only Display “LOAD” no display on the TV whatsoever

This problem is caused by an IC called “crystal oscillator” when you open your qsat receiver, you will see it this problem is the worst hardware problem of qsat decoder because it is the most difficult to solve. You can learn more here


The most affected qsat series are qsat q11g+, q13g+ and q23g. However this can happen to any qsat decoder including speed hd s1 just that the risk is higher in the afore mentioned series.


The truth being told, the best solution is replacement. however you can give the decoder to a very experienced computer engineer to troubleshoot and profer possible solution. As for prevention; i will advice you to avoid leaving external devices connected to your qsat. e,g don’t leave your loaded usb flashdrive connected on it, don’t leave your external hardisk connected into it, don’t leave your 3g modem and sim card inside your qsat simultaneously, plug your qsat into a UPS or step-down transformer, don’t use your qsat directly with main socket. you can as well use surge protection. don’t knock your qsat around i mean prevent it from falling at all let alone from raised platforms. Once you observe all this, you may not experience this problem for years unless the problem is a defect from factory. Yes i have someone who bought a new qsat and the following day, the qat refused to boot. To wrap this up, not all the features that comes with most iks decoders are worthy of experimenting. Please use the pvr features of qsat to record events with moderation and once you are done recording, remove your storage device immediately.


Before you jump into conclusion on this, please make sure you have removed your disecq switch and you have connected your lnb cable directly yo your qsat decoder to no avail. Secondly make sure you have checked that your dish is well positioned and your LNBF is still functional. Finally make sure you test another decoder with your dish and make sure there is signal quality and signal strength on that other decoder before you can conclude that your own qsat is having a hardware fault.

I means your “lnb in” port is damage from within the decoder’s panel.

CAUSES OF ABNORMAL “NO SIGNAL” ON QSAT: The major reason is caused by thunder and lightening or power surge but mostly thunder. in most cases in NIgeria, once there is thunder the electricity will go off, when the electricity is back, you may discover there is no more signal in your qsat. Please troubleshoot your case well before concluding that your “lnb in” port is damaged.

PREVENTION & SOLUTIONS: Please apply all the prevention method from problem 1 above to prevent this from happening. Most importantly, please disconnect your qsat from all electricity supply once you notice it is raining heavily and thunder is striking .As for the solution to this, please take the decoder to a qualified computer engineer and tell him to help you convert the “Loop” port at the back of your qsat decoder int “LNB IN”. so you will be using loop port in place of lnb in ever after.


PROBLEM 3; Qsat sim card problem that causes it to restart

This problem is mostly associated with the new qsat q23g. Some qsat users complain that once they insert their 3g modem , it will keep restarting the decoder no matter the sim used inside the 3g modem. Some also complain that once they insert any sim card, it will not connect to the internet. Whichever case your own situation falls into, you should consider the following options to resolve it.

SOLUTION TO SIM CARD / SIM SLOT PROBLEMS ON QSAT Q23G: The recommended solution to these is for you to either use a Lan internet or a wifi, However, if you must use a GPRS network(In other words if you want to use your sim card instead) then open your qsat and unplug the cable that connects your USB drives to the decoder. remove this plug from the panel of the qsat and use your sim card accordingly. However, if you want to use 3g modem later on, you will need to fix this cable back.


There are often some complains that some qsat stopped responding to remote control. This fault is two sided, it maybe that your remote is faulty, or the qsat paner is faulty. whatever the case maybe, you will need the service on an experienced engineer. In the event of your remote going bad, it means you need to replace it, but if it is a fault within qsat panel, then your computer / satellite engineer will have to repair the qsat board and your remote will start responding to your qsat.

PREVENTION OF REMOTE PROBLEMS: Apply the same preventive measures from problem 1 above to your usage cycle. More importantly, make sure you handle both your qsat and your remote control with care and avoid it falling over.

PROBLEM 5.  “smart card removed” error msg. on brand new Qsat

Solutions: Simply get any smart card, be it dstv smart card or mytv smart card, then insert it into your decoder’s smart card slot. The error message will disappear. This is a very minor but annoying factory defect it has no impact on the decoder’s performance.

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