South Korea forces Google and Apple to offer app refunds

google. apple

According to the Korea Herald, both Google and Apple have agreed to make changes to their respective platforms to allow refunds. We don’t yet have details regarding the rules that apply to these refunds, but it seems likely that these policies could quickly become standards.

appleApple’s change will require a notification to go out to all users affected by this new policy, likely asking the user to agree to an updated Terms of Service document. The change is something Apple is considering just rolling out to all markets at once. Google, on the other hand, is considering limiting the change to just South Korea for now, making it so the existing refund policy in the Google Play Store will remain the standard until other markets apply the same pressure for policy change.

apleWhether your concerns lie with refund abuse that negatively affects developers or purchase regrets that negatively affect users, this sort of change is likely to have an industry-wide effect given the two companies involved.

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