Important Notice To All Users of IKS Decoders & Accounts [In Bulk or Units]

Important Notice

I’m delighted at this post and hope you are too. In all, the this article will benefit everyone who believes in himself. Buy popular good or services online from Nigeria or from a Nigerian has always been a very risky decision to take. I know this phenomena and that is why I always emphasize the fact that if you want to buy anything through me, the first thing you must do is to delete every iota of doubt from your mind before approaching me. In fact I personally, once i have my doubts about something, i don’t venture into it at all. In other words, i can be ultra strict with my sales terms and conditions especially to first timers. However if you are buying anything other than iks decoders of dongles; i am one of the nicest businessman around with very very flowery words. I want to say categorically now that i can help you get qsat decoders in bulk at a cheapest price ever. however the least quantity is ten pieces while the greatest discount comes when you buy 50 pieces. even when you buy 10 pieces, you will receive unrivaled discount. The same thing applies to avatarcam codes. starting from July / Early August, you will be able to buy bulk qsat accounts at the cheapest bulk purchases through me. As for those who want to buy just for personal, you will also get a good deal. I also wish to state that, i can help you get any satellite products you wish to buy no matter the name but some are easier to get than others buy cheap qsat MY BRIEF TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You must at least have a foreknowledge of the product or service you wish to buy before contacting me whatsoever (if you have 50% knowledge or less, please update yourself fully buy searching for the item you intend to buy on “” before contacting me at all) For security reasons, i don’t give any details via email or phone conversation about dongles.

IKS BOxOn no account should you call me if i didn’t give you my mobile number; I answer all comments on this site and i also answer 95% of my emails but i can bet it with you, i won’t sound nice to you whatsoever if you call me “claim you stumbleupon my number and you start asking about dongles on phones) I will simply be brief and strict then hang up. You may think customers are kind(well that applies to only known customer, when you are dealing in iks decoders or dongles) The most guarantee way of transacting business with me is via my email; The reason is that i will surely answer my email as at when due and very comprehensively. secondly, email serves as a permanent record in case of future misunderstanding or ambiguity(this is very much unlikely because i have some people who re-opened a four months old case with me and I treated it as if it was just yesterday). My official email is benzibobo@gmail.comIks boxxIf i didn’t give you my number, and you have never purchased anything through me, you shouldn’t send me a message on viber or whatsapp because, you won’t get what you want from me if you ask anything about iks decoder via chat messengers. I deliver the accounts I procure for my clients via email as soon as possible (As soon as possible may be immediately and or as soon as it is available. please if you are the impatient type, ask of the availability before payment). I deliver products such as decoders, wifi adapters, routers via the safest means for both of us. The method I use is either through courier services or through a public transport that is registered with a Motor Transport Park.




Payment terms:

You must pay before I start the process at all; the reasons is that i don’t stock IKS decoders or dongles so you will receive them not less than 24hours from the time i confirm your payment. as for accounts, it may be after two hours to 24hours You are always responsible for the transport cost unless you are buying a bulk more than 10 pieces. * I Only give you prices when you contact me via email * You are entitle to have my number once you click a deal with me involving physical product no matter how little the quantity. I can only give you my cell number after payment.

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