Download Most Recent Upgraded Software For Qsat Q23G & Q15G

The new thing about this article is that you can download upgrade software for your qsat q23g. This software may not be actually necessary if your q23g is currently working perfectly without issues. However, there tends to be added features , security patch and improved performance with firmware updates. Another good reason why it is good to have a software for q23g at this time is because, it will be helpful in reviving your q23g in case you soft-brick it (Please while the going is still now between you and your q23g, I will strongly advise you to backup the original firmware of your decoder. This is because you may need to downgrade in the nearest future when you screw up your decoder software). As for q15g, i can say, i don’t know why another software was released. Well if you have a q23g that doesn’t connect to the internet, let alone open channels, you may need to upgrade.

qsat v6.05 software

Qsat Q13g

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Download: Q23G_STG3_2014.6.3.bin


Disclaimer: I am not to be held liable for any mistake or negligence on the part of anybody using this software. This is because if you jettison my instructions and warnings, you may soft-brick your qsat(soft bring translates to damaging the software part of your device). However if you do all what is required of you, then you won’t have any problem with the upgrade.

You must have a stable electricity, if your electricity is not stable, please use an inverter or a generator.
You must use only a virus free USB flash drive( to be sure of this, you can format the usb drive before you copy the file into it)
Once you download my files, you will need to extract it after extraction, you will see two files inside the folder, the read me file.txt and the software.bin you are required to copy only the .bin file to your flash drive then read the text file (Note: q23g has already been extracted).
It is worthy of note that your qsat need not be connected to the internet throughout the upgrading process.
Once you have met the above requirements, please plugin your usb to your qsat, on your remote now press MENU>>UPGRADE>>USB / UPGRADE, select the file you copied to your usb earlier and click on ok to start the process. Once the process is completed, your decoder will reboot that is all.

If anything get confused after upgrading your qsat; for example if you loose all your channels, if your internet protocol changes…

16 thoughts on “Download Most Recent Upgraded Software For Qsat Q23G & Q15G

  1. If you have done a factory reset, please just do same as you will for q13…
    Go to menu find setting then press the digits 1512… to get the provision for Xcam HD account… then do other normal set ups.

  2. please my q23 is suffering from virus and some of my sports channels are not working,they are bag signal on the screen so help me

  3. My q sat 23g just after a week installation, is not working. I want to know if the problem is from the server at china

    • I probably think you didn’t follow the right procedure to install it. Please check someone who knows this well enough to help you do the installation in your house or read through the pages here on this site.

  4. hi, i factory reset my q sat 23g cos it shows scrambling channel bt i notice tht Avatarcam account is not there it doesn’t show welcome to saver plz help me

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