The New Qsat Decoder Q-Sat Q23g Receiver

As we still relish the three premium sports channels currently showing on dst+ frequency free of charge, i hereby wish to inform you about another qsat series that has been in the market for queit some time. It is the elder brother of all previous qsat decoders as it has something other qsat series are lacking. Qsat q23g is the latest series of qsat which comes with improved multimedia connectivity, multiple account protocols,more vibrant graphics and picture quality and lots more.

q23g with speedcam and avatarcam


In actual fact, this decoder will minister more to new entrants into the world of qsat than old users. For example, am not just ready and willing to buy it yet because dst* is still working on qsat and i hate having more than one decoder in my house simultaneously. I may change my mind if dst* shutdown all decoder dyring worlcup though. So for old user, this will come as a backup. But for new users, this will give you more than the value of your money.


I will answer this question buy saying q23g combines all unique features of qsat and speed hd s1. I can explain this further thus;

  • Q23g comes with 1 year preloaded avatacam account(that can open scrambled dst* channels out of the box) and it also comes with  speedcam menu(Meaning, whenever speedcam account which opens canalsat channels  is available for sale, you will be able to buy it and load it into your q23g through its speedcam menu).
  • it also Support ccam, newcam, mgcam, speedcam,avatcamHD, Dqiptv (all these account protocols comes with it without upgrading to any software, though only avatacam  comes preloaded.
  • More intuitive , detailed and advanced GUI(graphical user interface)
  • DLNA,Sat to IP, Multi-screen integration
  • Support YouTube, YouPorn, N32 Game Yupoo, Picasa Flickr, Google map, Yahoo Weather and Online, Dailymotion.
  • Q23G multi-screen interactionQsat_q23g_2


While there is no option for dqcam inside speed hd s1, and there is no option for a speedcam account in all qsat series that preceed q23g, qsat q23g supports all these account formats out of the box. it also supports offline and online file tranfer via LAN. It is worth giving a go especially for new users because you have nothing to loose.



 Full HD 1080P

Fully DVB-S2/MPEG-4/H264 Decoder.

8000 Channels memory space (TV+Radio)

32bit colors on screen display supported

Support SW Upgrade via USB, FTP and OTA

Frequency Range 950-2150MHz

S/PDIF Interface for digital stream out(AC-3)

2×USB2.0 for Multimedia

Supports DiSEqC1.0/1.1/1.2 and USALS

Multimedia play back.

10/100Mbit Ethernet Interface

Video Comperssion MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 compatible,MPEG-4,H.264 Videotexe Decoder

Letterbox for 4:3 TV-Device

Audio compression MPEG-1&MPEG-2 Layer Iand II,MP3 Audio Mode Dual (main/sub),stereo

Support Movie format:MPEG-2,MPEG,TS steam,AVI Divx, Divx Plus,QuickTime.MKV,ASF Microsoft

ISO MPEG-4 Video Codev1

Support Music format:WAVE MP3,ASF,AAC

Support Photo format,JPEG BMP PNG GIF TIFF

Support YouTube,YouPorn,N32 Game Yupoo,Picasa Flickr, Google map,Yahoo Weather and Online


29 thoughts on “The New Qsat Decoder Q-Sat Q23g Receiver

    • Why would they block Qsat, when Qsat had bought their right… DST^ is only trying to monopolize the market and beat every other person who tries to rival them off the business…

  1. ok am in africa kenya so should i buy it or not or which is the best option to buy and get premium dstv channels

  2. I have qsat 13 but there is no signal how can i sort this problem. pliz need help,if there is a new advanced one pliz tell en how much am in zambia

    • Q23 is the latest but not withstanding if it was signal issue of your local network not connecting please ensure that all connection properly done and if it doesn’t connect to the server then it was as a result of the engineers working on the server… as of now the server seems more stable. For the amount I don’t know how much it should cost in Zambia but in China, it costs about $110 – $115 shipping inclusive.

    • @Deby, The Channels that has refused to come up is not due to it being MTN or not, the issue is that QSat on their own are having some difficulties bringing up some sports channels. It really doesn’t depend on SIM network. I’ll advise you keep managing it so long it is more of a free stuff.

  3. @Naijafunbox, am in Abuja where can I get this decoder to buy and how much? In the advert it was advertise that you have one year subscription, is that mean after one year one will required to pay subscription on the decoder? Please educate me.

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