Satellite & Dongle Updates As Brazil 2014 Fifa World Cup Rocks

World cup started on 12th of June 2014. Prior to the world cup, there were various tensions and anxiety about how ds* will tackle products and devices opening their channels. Well dst* actually put up a very fierce fight which actually boomeranged. The afternoon of Thursday 12 June, 2014. TV1 cccam account opened all HD channels on dst*. Azsky also came back with a very high degree of stability. I will highlight what happneed between to azsky, qsat, zorrobox tv1 cccam and tlink from Thursday 12-06-2014 till date.
satellite updates
Qsat: Qsat went off before the match between Brazil and crotia on Thursday and came back few minutes later. However only qsat with avatarcam code 5***** came back as most qsat with avatarcam codes 4***** remained off until this morning when some of the qsat with code 4**** started working. If you don’t know how to check your avatarcam code on qsat, please read this. Secondly, if your qsat is still not working as at the time of reading this article, please upgrade ypir qsat to the latest available software which you can download here. After Upgrade, your qsat should work fine. If it still doesn’t work after upgrading, then you will have to wait for qsat to solve the problem themselves.
Azsky: Azsky showed the signs of full comeback during Thursday world cup match between brazil and Croatia,however it went off in the midnight of thursday and its yet to be fully back. As I am writing this post, ss3, max 1 and some other channels are showing on azsky but it is not too stable. I will officially say something once azsky is fully back and stable. And as for those who have azsky that didn’t work at all when others were working, please be patient i assure you that when azsky is fully back, all azsky products will work.
TV1 & SAT1 CCCAM ACCOUNTS: To remove the ambiguity, both tv1 and sat1 belongs to the same team and it is the only working cccam account for africa that opens all dst* channels with amazing stability. If am to rate the performance of tv1 since the commencement of the world cup, i will give tv1 85% and qsat: 73% in terms of overall stability and the number of channels opened. If your tv1 or sat1 accounts are not working, then maybe you have been banned or there is an issue on your account. You can contact your account supplier for help.
FTA CHANNELS: We have several free to air channels showing the world cup e.g joys ports, tv3, evasion, rdv e.t.c and you can get most of all these channels with even 60cm dish(especially if you track amos 17.0e / 16.0e ) It should also come to your notice that daarsat and infinity tv are fully back on Amos. To learn about frequencies and satellite position to track your various FTA channels, please read this
Zorrobox: Immediately sat1 came back on tv1 server, zorrobox too came back to life only for those who buy their new account. so if your zorrobox is not currently working, buy their new one year account and start enjoying dst* on zorro. To learn how to renew zorrobox z3 read this.
T-LINK DECODER: Tlink is currently opening supersport 3 on dst* with its inbuilt g-share and sds accounts.

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