Verizone Vs Netflix

Scrutiny should be considered in this case, who’s at fault?

Benzibobo's Crib

Verizon and Netflix have been feuding in recent weeks over which company is to blame for slow streaming speeds. Now, government regulators are stepping in to figure out who’s really at fault.
Federal Communications Commission chair Tom Wheeler said Friday that he had directed his staff to gather information on the dispute from Netflix (NFLX, Tech30) and broadband providers including Verizon (VZ, Tech30) to understand “precisely what is happening” and “whether consumers are being harmed.”

“The bottom line is that consumers need to understand what is occurring when the Internet service they’ve paid for does not adequately deliver the content they desire, especially content they’ve also paid for,” Wheeler said.
At this point, he added, the FCC is simply “collecting information, not regulating.”
If Netflix could’ve premiered any show …
If Netflix could’ve premiered any show …
The dispute flared up a few weeks ago after Netflix began displaying messages…

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