How To Transfer iPhone Contacts To Mac or PC

Transferring iPhone Contacts to Mac or PC

DiskAid Transfers iPhone Contacts to Computer

All contacts stored in any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can be easily transferred to any computer using DiskAid.

You can transfer an iPhone, iPad or iPod’s complete address book to any computer almost instantly, no matter if it’s linked to the same iTunes account, without any cloud setup, sync or delay.

This works for a single contact as well as with any selection of contacts.

  • Quick drag and drop from device to computer for a single or a short selection of contacts
  • Full export of a large selection with the Image

Export iPhone Contacts as Multiple vCards

DiskAid Transfers iPhone Contacts as Multiple vCards for Outlook
  • For Windows PC each contact saved in multiple vCards can then be imported in Microsoft Outlook.
  • All contacts are copied in a single vCard to be directly imported in the Mac’s Contacts or in any third party address book like Google’s.

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